Chanel – Paradoxal and Black Pearl

I know you’ve probably seen tons of swatches for these… but here are some more! 😀

I had to see for myself. A lot of people were saying Paradoxal was like a taupe until the light caught the purple shimmer, and I can stand to wear purple if it is like a brownish plummy/eggplant type purple!

I think I found that it looks purple in any light though. I can kind of see how people would get the taupe idea, but it is still just too purple for me! Although, it is one of the coolest effects in a polish that I’ve seen.

When I was kind of out of direct light, with light just above me, the bottle really showed tons of shimmer:

When I got back in direct light, it caught the shimmer at certain angles still, but it looked a lot more murky, which I thought looked pretty cool because it was the more taupe-ish of the tones it has.



When Black Pearl got here, and I put it on, I was actually sad that it wasn’t more blue. It applies like silk, I LOVE the formula… but it is more of a denim-ish blue tone and I was hoping for a brighter blue tone I guess. I know, duh, it really does look just like a black pearl though!

I put it up for swap, but here are the swatches I got of it inside and outside:



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