Deborah Lippmann – Across the Universe

This one is definitely unique… I was in a rare blue/green mood last week and ordered a few of those. This is one I HAD to swatch!


I’m not a chunky glitter type of person, but damn, this is just stunning!

I can’t decide if I should swap it, since a lot of people with rare polishes have it on their wish list, or if I should just keep it to make people ooh and aaah over it!?

2 thoughts on “Deborah Lippmann – Across the Universe

  1. Steph/ImperfectPainted

    I love this color. This is the only Deborah Lippmann I have. If you really like then you should keep it, but if it’s not your cup a tea I know people would be all over it if it was up for swap! By the way, I mentioned your blog on Twitter. I hope it brings you followers! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Holly Post author

      Thank you SO much!! I’ll put your link on my sidebar! ๐Ÿ™‚

      And yeah I put it up for swap but said it was worth keeping unless someone wanted to swap for Chanel Cosmic Violine or Or De Russie… the only two I really keep looking for!


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