Chanel – Riva

Okay, I wanted to give you guys the full report on this one, since we all know the color is so pretty but we keep hearing the formula isn’t very easy to apply.

After finding Hard Candy – Sky a few weeks ago and falling so in love with it, I HAD to try Riva because I heard it was a dupe for Riva.

I didn’t find the application that troublesome really, it just takes a few coats.

Not really wearable after the 2nd coat. Most of my polishes are good to go after 2 coats, so I guess it isn’t that good to know it takes more, but I was happy after a 3rd coat that I made sure to lay on thick.

Since 3 coats made it kind of soft, I used Seche Vite… I can’t say enough how much you can trust that stuff to leave a hard plastic shell on your polish and not let you get dents, dings, lines, etc.

Here is my final Riva swatch:

I hate how the inside lighting makes my hands look so red and yellow, ick. I’ll have to figure out a better way to snap swatches for my blog!

Anyway, here was my outside sunlight shot of it:

Now, I have to give this Riva report a sad ending. 😦
Before removing it, I wanted to paint Hard Candy – Sky on one nail and see what I thought. (Sorry, my skin looks awful in this one! Blogs are so honest. haha!)

I like Sky better! And now I love it so much more, after comparing it. Hard Candy – Sky is a little bit lighter and looks more like a milky light blue glass that shows off the shimmer inside a little bit better. The Riva was so soft too that the Seche Vite realllly caused shrinkage and pulled it back.

You’d have to try for yourself I guess!

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