CND – Crimson Sparkle w/ Mink Muffs

I was so ready to go back to a darker color for a few days. I started with Essie – Mink Muffs…


It only took a few minutes to be like ummmm… kind of boring. So I grabbed my new CND effects polishes! I also have a Color Club – Ready To Wear which is like the red shimmer from the CND effects. I was playing with that, the CND Crimson Sparkle, and the CND Ice Blue Shimmer. The blue shimmer looks awesome over Riva and Sky, but I was done with blue for now.

It looks awesome on the Mink Muffs! I finally decided I liked the sparkle more, so I went for that!

Here it is in normal indirect light:

This is one of those where you just want to keep staring at it at different angles all day. I ♥ it. 🙂

1 thought on “CND – Crimson Sparkle w/ Mink Muffs

  1. beauty training

    The way this operates is the pink is the base portion of your nail.
    Virtuous Violet is a beautiful midnight mix of a hazy
    twilight blue and a deep royal purple. Something cool seen
    on celebrities these days is all of your nails
    painted one color except for one nail that is painted a different shade.


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