Chanel – Cosmic Violine

I wanted this one soooo badly for so long, and everytime I’d try to swap it, I wouldn’t have something someone wanted… until someone really nice wanted Riva! It was hard to give the Riva up, but since I have my Hard Candy Sky, I figured it was worth finally getting my Cosmic Violine for! I hope she loves Riva, because I REALLY love Cosmic Violine!

So many times I’ve wanted something, and when it gets here, it isn’t as amazingly awesome as I thought… but THIS one did not disappoint one bit!

It is the perfect dark burgundy, reddish, brownish toned jelly color (kinda like the Dolce & Gabbana Soft was, like Dr Pepper!), but this has a lot of bright pink/red glitter inside that really shines a lot in the sun!

I feel like I got horrible swatches that don’t show this polish off enough, but here we go…

Lamp light…

Natural light
(It was raining a lot so I didn’t get full sun.)

Like it?
I hope you don’t like it as much as I do because its really hard to find!! haha!

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