Nubar – Chocolate Coffee Bean vs Rasberry Truffle

I wanted to find these two compared since they are both shimmers, but when I couldn’t, I ordered them so I can do it myself!

In all of the pictures, Chocolate Coffee Bean is on the left and Raspberry Truffle is on the right.

In indirect light, look how different they look… it looks like brown and purple, pretty distinctly!

When they are on the nail, they don’t look brown or purple.. they look really dark, almost black. Raspberry Truffle almost look like its black base with red wine sparkly shimmer, and Chocolate Coffee Bean looks like super dark brown with a hidden purple shimmer.

The shimmer is much more visible in the Raspberry Truffle. If you aren’t in direct light, you only see the shimmer on the Raspberry Truffle, its such a pretty wine reddish burgundy shimmer that really pops!

If you hold the bottles in the sun, they look so different from either of the top two pictures, and the shimmer almost looks the same.

I think I like the Raspberry Truffle better, and I didn’t think I was going to!


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