Chanel – Or De Russie

I finally got this one in the mail! I was actually a little disappointed.. I thought it was going to be more brown, I think.

It actually is an olive green that is just like China Glaze Wagon Trail, but with a richer shimmer.

Here it is:


I put Wagon Trail on my thumb, so I could compare them. The color really is exactly the same, but I prefer the luster that the Chanel has.

I’m probably not going to keep the Chanel, since this one was so super expensive. If its not my favorite color that I’d wear all the time, like Cosmic Violine, I might as well stick with the cheaper version.

I also have MAC Seriously Hip which is also really similar! Maybe I’ll compare those three in another swatch.

2 thoughts on “Chanel – Or De Russie

  1. Mona

    Oh this is beautiful! Wagon Trail is a long time lemming of mine, and this is even more beautiful.. I love these ugly/pretty shades.


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