New plates! Yippee!

I was already excited because I have my new Zoyas on the way from their new collection, my first haul from eyeko, some more aqmore polishes, and someone just swapped me Copper Rulez magnetic polish finally!

Then I saw this!! Bundle Monster is releasing 25 NEW PLATES! And we only have to wait about 3 more weeks! Not only will we have tons of new plates, but their all-over stamps are bigger this time, so no having to stamp twice and overlap!

I saw a couple of teaser previews on their facebook page. I am so excited already!

PEPPERMINT TIPS! Sorry about the caps, but I can’t take the excitement!

More flowers and spirals… and even if I just used the tree from that Halloween one I’d love it!

I hope they continue with the teaser previews…

I always wished they would make a stamp of a coffee cup, or coffee beans. I wish someone would! But oh am I ever going to have some cute peppermint tips!


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