Rescue Beauty Lounge – Catherine

This one really has so many different looks! From far away it seems like a purple grey metallic color, but when the light catches it or if you look more closely, you can see so many different colors in this one.


I turned the bottle around for another swatch so you can really see the color inside of the bottle… how do you even describe that?

There are tons of twinkling bright colors like pink, purple, cyan, bluish purple, and even glints of lighter pewter. Check that out!

My first Rescue Beauty Lounge haul ends with that one and I am so impressed by this brand. I can’t wait to try more when they come out with newer ones… I’m really sad that I missed out on Anne!

2 thoughts on “Rescue Beauty Lounge – Catherine

  1. Serena

    I love how this looks on you! I own Catherine and have seen other swatches and it looks slightly different on everyone. Such great color and formula!


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