BB Couture – Cosmopolitan

My first BB Couture! This one looks like a nice vintage rosey pink, but it has all of these hidden blue and purple flashes you discover when the sun hits it!

I don’t know why I always passed up BB Couture polishes, thinking they were too odd or too dirty/dingy-looking, but I did.

I saw a swatch of Cosmopolitan and it looked like the color of vintage mauvey pink that I love to go for. So I went to the shop and well… you guys know how it is… you think, “I’m buying this one so I might as well look and see if I should try another one, since I’m paying for shipping anyway”… and I ended up with a BB Couture haul.

When they got to me, I was SO impressed. They really are unique polishes. I’ll go on about this later when I post more swatches, but for now, here is Cosmopolitan!


I had to take a sunny close-up so you can see what comes out of hiding… look!

Do you have BB Couture polishes? What are your favorites? Let me know, I don’t want to miss out on them because I couldn’t tell what awesomeness it has based on swatches!!

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