Orly – Pixy Stix

I love this reddish pink springy color. It isn’t neon but its really bright and happy!

I took this one in the shade, but I think I see some blue sky reflecting in the glossy finish of it…

This one I took in the sun is closer to the exact color!

I haven’t gotten any of the new polishes out yet, have you? I have been so busy, but my next post has to be about 2 blog awards I just got this weekend. I WILL do that today! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Orly – Pixy Stix

    1. Holly

      My favorite one is Pink Chocolate, but their Fifty Four is a really pretty clear with pink sparkles… I love that one too… if you click the Orly tag on my sidebar you’ll see those and a few more Orlys! 🙂 I do need to get more for sure… I just got Rockin Rockette finally. haha Almost summer and I finally got the Christmas one.


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