China Glaze – Mahoganie

This is the coolest, isn’t it?

Its a brown base with tons of holographic multi-colored glitter inside! I was really excited to get this in a swap because I never really see polishes like this with a brown base. If you know of anymore, let me know in the comments! 🙂

There are fine micro holographic glitter particles with larger ones mixed in. I think it is so unique.

When I had it on, I kept thinking that it was a little similar to Crystal Ball, since that had holo glitter too, but just had a burgundy berry base instead of brown.

I was wrong though! Look at how much more glitter is in Mahoganie, compared to Crystal Ball!

I kept saying “Wow!” the whole time I was wearing it!

All of the glitter did make it feel a little gritty, so I don’t think the base is jelly-ish enough to hold the glitter underneath the surface. A top coat fixes that though, and I always have a top coat on anyway.

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