BB Couture – Coal Miner

I have to say again that I’m so glad I finally gave BB Couture a chance, because I used to think I didn’t like their polishes but I am always SO impressed when I put them on!

This one is a dark gray color with blue shimmer.. but not like the regular navy blue I usually see in dark blue shimmers, its really more like a lighter powder blue shimmer that comes out looking SO awesome in the dark base!

I don’t even like blue polishes really unless they are super light blue, but I’m SO in love with this one!

Look at the shimmer in that bottle. šŸ™‚

In the shade it is still really nice and shimmery, but I do like the way it looks better in the sun.

I have a few more of their polishes that are coming up! They claim to be base coat, top coat, and strengthener all in one. I never usually put just polish on with no base or top coats, so I haven’t tried it alone, have you?

2 thoughts on “BB Couture – Coal Miner

  1. Ulmiel

    Wow! What the heck? This post is where Google Reader stopped informing me of your new posts! If I haven’t seen you commeting Fashion Polish and clicking your name to see why you’ve gone MIA I still wouldn’t read them. o.O Strange! But Google Reader has been acting all funny on me today too, so maybe I just need to wait for it to get over itself.

    Anyway – ah, the BB Couture! One of the brands I’m having great troubles getting and yet I loooove them! Major soft spot for BBs. šŸ™‚ This one is gorgeous, really. Looks great on your skintone, I dare say. šŸ™‚

    1. Holly

      Oh really? I hate that, it makes me want to go through all of mine and hit refresh since I use google reader too!!


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