On my way to Inglot!

I don’t know where I’ve been but I just realized that I have an Inglot store nearby! I’m heading down toward Fashion Island today anyway, so I’m going to leave an hour or so earlier because look at THIS!

I am having major issues with the http://www.inglotusa.com online shopping process… Its a long story that starts with my order, and still hasn’t ended after 5 deliveries, continuing to get my order wrong. In their defense, they do let me keep the items they sent by accident, but I still haven’t gotten something I originally ordered, so I will just go by it myself! 🙂

I love their freedom system pallets, you can put eye shadows (including the new ACM holographic sparkly shadows), concealers, lip sticks, etc. in them and they close like a magnet instead of having clasps that can break or pop open.

That whole wall of nail polish is a little bit scary to go face in person. I hope to leave without buying more than 3 or so? 🙂

I’ll make a post before I leave with an awesome Inglot matte polish I got when I ordered online!

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