Zoya – Maya, Paige, Penelope, & Joy

Here is another Zoya comparison swatch of some more I got from the Earth Day promo! I think I have a couple more left after this still!

Maya is very jelly! This was 4 coats. It is a nice coral hot pink that isn’t too neon!

2 coats for the rest of the 3…
Paige is a dark mauve purple, I actually love this one and it is the only one of these 4 that I’m keeping.

Penelope is a light rose mauve, and it is just a little too light for me.

Joy is the bottle that I’m holding. It has a really warm shimmer to it, its very pretty! I think it was just too light for me as a purple-ish color?


4 thoughts on “Zoya – Maya, Paige, Penelope, & Joy

  1. Ulmiel

    I love the jellines of Maya, but all the colours look too light for me … I think I should try them out first, as lately, when I put a not-me colour on my nails, I tend to love it, even if I hated it in the bottle. Go figure! Still, I’m really not a fan of neutrals.

    1. Holly

      Yeah the only one I kept was Paige… it didn’t look as purple as it did rosey mauve and it was dark… the others were blah on me. Maya is pretty awesome actually but I couldn’t find myself reaching for a jelly coral!


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