Nail Polish Collection!

Okay, so my video turned into 3 since it was like 35 minutes long, whew!

I’ll embed the first part here, but you can see all 3 parts by either clicking my youtube icon on the right sidebar, or clicking HERE! 🙂

Of course this might change soon, I get new ones, try my hardest to swap ones I think I love so much but have to try and give up because I don’t wear it as much, etc.

Hopefully this doesn’t look too crazy? haha!

6 thoughts on “Nail Polish Collection!

    1. Holly

      Me too, its so hard to try and pick a color when they’re all in a big container like I used to have them in… my fiance is going to have to find room for these when I move in. haha!

    1. Holly

      I know, I’m trying SO HARD to swap this huge bag over here of the ones I forced myself to say I didn’t need. haha!


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