Color Club – Fast Paced

I hadn’t seen this one swatched so I took a chance when I bought it! Its actually a keeper of mine!

Its a bright pink but a warmer pink, not neon, not hot pink, not baby pink… hard to describe, but the picture is a pretty accurate representation of it, so here you have it!

I start my new job tomorrow and I’m a little stressed, its hard to move my neck and my shoulders are on fire… I usually don’t tense up like this when I stressed, I usually just get a stomach ache, so this is new to me.


5 thoughts on “Color Club – Fast Paced

  1. turtlechick12

    Nice color! Good luck with the job! Break a pencil lol.

    I carry a lot of stress in my neck and shoulders. 😦 Sometimes a hot shower helps.

    1. Holly

      Really? It is so weird, I never had it manifest like this, it was always a stomach ache or like grinding my teeth… never this, it felt like I was in a really bad car accident for the last 5 days!


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