China Glaze – Hyper Haute and some Golden Rose Holos

I had to try the Golden Rose Holographics, so I compared 3 of them here to a Tronica polish, Hyper Haute. Golden Rose polishes have a stronger holo effect than the Tronica set (but not the OMG set), and they come in a lot of colors. AND they are so cheap and easy to buy online.

(Ooops, I just realized their site says they’ve exceeded their monthly bandwith! haha! I’m sure it’ll be fine tomorrow again, on the 1st. Its if you’re in the US.)

Here I have China Glaze – Hyper Haute, then Golden Rose 108, 110, and 112:

I LOVE 108, its such a great color!!!

I also have Golden Rose 103, I’ll post that one tomorrow!

I had a great birthday, thanks so much for all of the birthday wishes here and on facebook and twitter! 🙂 You guys are some of the nicest people ever and I’m so glad I got to come across you because of our nail polish obsession!!

(My fiance bought me a Nintendo 3DS! Yay!)


11 thoughts on “China Glaze – Hyper Haute and some Golden Rose Holos

    1. Holly

      haha What’s an ombre manicure?
      Sometimes when I upload these to flickr I wonder if people think I actually walk around like this with skittles nails.

  1. Nathalie

    Happy B – Day! 🙂 A little late but it still comes from my heart! 😉
    The 108 really is a very beautiful colour, and you have such beautiful nails! 🙂 I’m curious for the 103! 🙂
    Oh and have fun with your Nintendo!


    1. Holly

      Aww thank you so much, I had an awesome birthday! You have beautiful nails too… I can’t keep mine very long, they always peel and break.


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