BB Couture – Romeo

This is one of my BB Coutures that I love so much!

In the bottle, it looks like a coral/peach kind of mauve if that makes sense… then when its on the nail, it is more of burnt pink red. I know that doesn’t make sense. haha! Their colors are so unique! It has tons of glittery sparkle in it though!

I think I had to get this one after seeing it swatched on so I’d recommend looking there or on google images to see how it has different tones in it on different people!

If any of you see an online store that is selling the China Glaze Metro collection, let me know pleeeeease. 🙂

5 thoughts on “BB Couture – Romeo

  1. peripatetic33

    hey that is what i am wearing today, it is much browner on me but i still love it, the BB Couture colors are just so wonderful

    1. Holly

      Do you know if they’re coming out with new ones or anything? I kind of bought like 10 at once when I wanted to try them out and had looked up every single swatch. So I feel like I want to try more but I’ve already checked them all out until new ones come out!


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