Nubar – Avant Garde

I’m back from my business trip! Everything went really well with my software and I met some really cool people from Boeing, Lockheed, Aerospace Corp. and the Air Force! (None of which gave a crap about nail polish, of course.)

Anyway, I wore Chanel Cosmic Violine which lasted all 5 days, and now I must put something else on!

Here is Nubar’s Avant Garde which is a matte! I love this color, its an awesome warm burgundy color that looks awesome as a matte.

I also got my engagement ring back all finished and beautiful finally!! I don’t have to wear my wedding band as my engagement ring anymore. haha!

I’ll take a picture soon, it was gloomy out today, although coming back from DC where it was unbearably hot, I can not complain at all… I think the only thing I love about California is the weather.

I got to sightsee before leaving. I got pictures of the Lincoln Memorial, WWII Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, Washington Monument, White House… I’ll post an album soon!


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