China Glaze Crystal Ball over Nubar Avant Garde

Instead of putting a clear coat on top of yesterday’s Avant Garde, I found my favorite jelly with holo glitter to put over it instead… Crystal Ball!

I love putting it over other dark colors, it just gives it a raspberry tint with the sparkly holo particles. 🙂

I am so excited because I just ordered polishes from the China Glaze Metro Collection finally! I got Street Chic, Brownstone, Midtown Magic, Concrete Catwalk, Urban Night, and Loft-y Ambitions.

Then BB Couture has new Eye Candy polishes out and I caved and got Scorching Strawberry and Playboy from Overall Beauty‘s shop.

From Zoya’s Smoke & Mirrors, I got Petra, Neeka and Jem!

Wow, whatever extra money I got from my trip just went bye bye that fast. I linked to where to buy them if you want some too. 🙂

When the OPI Touring Collection is out online (or if it already is, let me know where!) I’m going to get Color to Diner For, My Address is Hollywood, and then I have to get French Quarter for your Thoughts because of the name, I just have to! (I think I want the Hollywood one, but I hear it is the same as Essie Your Hut or Mine but not as easy to apply, so maybe that one’s out?)


4 thoughts on “China Glaze Crystal Ball over Nubar Avant Garde

  1. Ulmiel

    Wow, that haul reads NICE! Can’t wait to see the pictures. I went completely loco this month on nail polish so I’m 100% on no-buy for a while. It’s been insane. And that’s right befre the Fall collections start coming out. Great timing.

  2. Ulmiel

    An LE Alessandro magnetic polish (20 dollars, insanley expensive even for Slovenia, but I just HAD to have it), a Nubar and an Essie (together 18 dollars, with the shipping, big lemmings too!), a couple of other stuff that costed a few euros too, and I did two swap packages, with shipping and everything. Together I spent the double amount of money that I should in a month. I’m insane, really.

    1. Holly

      Yeah it makes me feel insane too. Especially since I have such a huge bag of polish that I need to swap or sell and it just keeps building up!


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