Tuff Scent – Hope

Picking my favorite one was a toss-up between Inner Strength and this one! This was definitely the one I was most in awe over when I saw the bottle.

It reminded me of OPI – My Private Jet but it was a prettier plum-ish brown than MPJ by far! Lots of little holo particles that make it so perfect!!


And again, look at the gorgeous bottle!!

Isn’t that so pretty? 🙂

The scent on this one is China Rain, which didn’t have obvious notes that I can describe, but its nice! Even if this one smelled horrible I’d still love it though. haha!

I’m doing a giveaway with 2 winners, if you’d like to try some of their polish… its here.

One of my best friends had her baby last night so I’m super happy this morning.

3 thoughts on “Tuff Scent – Hope

  1. turtlechick12

    Very pretty. I really like the look of these Tuff Scent polishes. I think I will need to cave and try them lol

  2. Ulmiel

    Wow, now this one is gorgeous! I’ve never heard of this brand before, it’s such a great thing to read and see something new nail-related! 🙂


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