Nina Ultra Pro – Maple Syrup + Matte + Konad :)

This is such a pretty, shimmery, lustrous brown. I’ve worn it a few times and love it so much!

This time I thought I’d try it with Essie Matte About You on it and it kind of frosted it up a bit too much, I need to find a Matte that has a little less of an effect for some of my polishes…

I went to put a clear coat back over it so it wouldn’t be so frosty and I was missing my stamping stuff so much, so I got my stuff out and stamped some stars on with China Glaze Adore. 🙂

Then I was happy!!

2 thoughts on “Nina Ultra Pro – Maple Syrup + Matte + Konad :)

  1. turtlechick12

    Pretty color! You always point me towards gorgeous browns that I have to have lol. I love love love the stamping combo.

    1. Holly

      Yes, if you want to see every brown polish that is buyable, you came to the right place. haha! My fiance was just saying over the weekend that I can’t possibly need that many nail polishes that are all brown… I was like Yes I do, they are all DIFFERENT!


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