New Illamasqua Polishes are up today!

Sorry for the lack of a swatch right this moment, but I had to tell you in case you haven’t seen!

Illamasqua put their new Theatre of the Nameless collection up today here, on their site!

There are 4 nail polishes in this new collection and they have a rubber, waxy finish. The colors look decadent too.

I already bought 3 of them (all but Kink), I couldn’t help myself, I just couldn’t. I also grabbed their new Masquara (the brush looks like what I usually like?) and another Base Coat.

If you haven’t tried the Illamasqua Base Coat, you can get that at Sephora more easily and I have never had such a strong opinion about a base coat… it keeps my nails from staining, even with my super dark polishes, and it doesn’t let layers of my nail start to separate and peel. I just love the stuff.

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