Trying a Neon Comparison…

Why is it so impossible to photograph neon polishes? Even when I do everything manually and set white balance, color balance, etc while I’m shooting…

I’ll give this a go anyway in case you were curious if some neon pinks/reds are more orange than another!

I did this to help me choose my neon konad which I’ll post next!

China Glaze – Shocking Pink, BYS – UV Tension Rising, Color Club – Screamin Fuschia, American Apparel – Neon Red:

I tried taking it in a dark corner of my room, but the colors still look like they are just blaring and not true to what they really look like. Wahhh!

You can see my engagement ring a little better though! πŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “Trying a Neon Comparison…

  1. hermetic

    I swear, neons are most difficult to photograph! I’ve tried to capture flip flop fantasy too many times and have given up – never turns out how it is. I love the ring! πŸ™‚

    1. Holly Post author

      Thank you, I love it too… I had to have it made because the other floral bands I saw were too wide.

      And YES I know! Color Club Screamin Fuschia is sooo awesome and I can never get it to look good in a picture, it looks crappy… but in real life its like electric glow or something!


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