BB Couture – Tuxedo Night

Ahh, so sorry for not posting every day-ish lately. Work has been so crazy with my wrapping up the software I’ve been working on since the summer and I’ve been frustrated with having no free time to do these things!

I hope to be less busy in about 2 weeks when I wrap everything up and we leave and get back from our little New Orleans trip we are taking for fun before Halloween! (I LOVE New Orleans, its absolutely my favorite place on earth so far, and I can’t wait to go back!)

Anyways though, here is a super gorgeous fall color from BB Couture! It really has a lot of dimension to it from the glass flecks!

I want to find a little time to fix my comments functionality out so it isn’t so janky. Wish me luck on that one. I also wanted to make a cool iphone app related to nail polish, have any of you ever wished you had a nail polish-related app that did something specific?


3 thoughts on “BB Couture – Tuxedo Night

  1. pretty

    ooh love the brown. so fall. i think i need something with glass flecks. so pretty. mm no i don’t have smart phone. i don’t get apps i get confused. lol but that would be cool

  2. Eugenia

    I’d love anythig nail polish related on iPhone!! (Which I don’t own ATM.. Could you make it work on iPad too? Pretty please! I’m planning to get one for me for Christmas..) Perhaps an app where you could organize you polish stash and check on-the-go if you have a certain type of polish already? One where you could enter all the polish you own, in categories or with tags. And could it do searches on google/reader for pics / manis that use the specific polish? I’d definitely buy the app!!! Feel free to contact me if you like the idea and would like to discuss it further and/or this left you asking “What on earth is she talking about?”.. 🙂

    1. Holly Post author

      Oh I think it’ll be a free app, but yes that’s a good idea!!! I’m always wondering if I have it already or if its on MUA, so I would like to make one for MUA someday but I’d have to ask them to let me into some of their code, so not sure about that… but I’ll definitely start with your idea. And yeah when you choose which to develop for, there’s a Universal so it works on the phone and the ipads. 🙂


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