What do you get when you take Orly Rock Solid and pour in a bunch of China Glaze Hawaiian Punch, NYX Maroon, and Spoiled Cougar Attack?

Isn’t it pretty? When I got Rock Solid, I was bummed that it was just gray and not brown at all, so I thought I’d make it burgundy with some NYX Maroon. Then it was too purple and I wanted it a little pinker, so I added the China Glaze Hawaiian Punch. Then I remembered I wanted brown in the first place and dumped the Spoiled Cougar Attack in. haha!

Now I have a full bottle of this awesomeness!


4 thoughts on “Octoberfranken…

  1. Mary

    I think my first comment got eaten! Anyways, I’ll repost here and you can delete if the other shows up, haha. ♥

    Oh Holly, I love this color! Such a pretty franken… ♥ Also, I was wondering if you’d seen Hot Chocolate by Enchanted Polish! It’s a gorgeously warm chocolate with a holo effect and I couldn’t help but think of you when I saw it. It’s official, you’ve won me over to loving browns. 🙂

    1. hollyshimmerspark Post author

      You know what… I don’t have Hot Chocolate, but I have Vampire’s Dessert! Which is just a darker version I think. Go google that one! I should try Hot Chocolate too though, I have another couple of brown holos I had gotten from llarowe’s shop that I can do a big comparison of! Thanks for this, I had never seen Hot Chocolate at all!

      Glad you came to the brown side. haha!

      (I had a weird feeling my comments were being eaten from shimmerspark.com and not from my wordpress mirror… ahhh! I must figure this out! Thanks for that too! )


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