Lemming Anxiety (And a new feed URL for shimmerspark.com)

It has been a while since I wanted a polish really badly that I couldn’t find anywhere! Usually ebay has it, or amazon, or e-crater.

I saw the new Pure Ice – Pardon My French on Leslie’s blog -> This post!

I want it so badly, and I figured I just had to go to Walmart! Well that’s easier said than done here because Walmarts are pretty far away from me, and since there are so few, they are so packed full of people who come from so many surrounding cities because its also their only one.

I got really excited when I saw my new job had a Walmart one mile away! So I drive to it, and the sign says it is opening at the end of November. Great, it was just built, so at least I *will* have a Walmart close by!

So I drive far as hell to the one that is open, and I happily run up to this:

That doesn’t look like the one Leslie posted, or Noveau Cheap, or anyone else with a Walmart trip picture! haha! I’m crossing my fingers that when the new Walmart opens in a couple of weeks that it’ll have the new display!


Okay, so I’m moving this week and my server will be on a moving truck yet again. I’m not even going to have internet in the house for a week or so actually.

So I’m going to move my posts temporarily. I am actually going to move my feed over to feedburner. That way, if you add my feed with that URL, no matter where I move my posts to, I can change it on feedburner so you’ll always get the update! 🙂

Add my feed to your reader!


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