My nails are missing out on the Holidays!

As soon as I think I’m ready to try some new polish, I unpack some more and break another nail, then file them all down again.

So I still have naked nails and my blog hasn’t had anything worth posting about.  *sniffle*

Our move was such a huge one that I think I’ll be unpacking, organizing, replacing and cleaning for weeks.  I might as well at least post a cute set I saw come out for the Holidays!

Anna Sui’s bottles are always so cute, but these really blew the other bottle styles away.  I guess the easiest place to get them is -> here, on the Urban Outfitters site?

I wonder if they still smell like roses?

I still have had NO luck finding the Pure Ice – Pardon My French!  I went to our brand new fully stocked Walmart, and found no new display with those in it.  I went to a few other Walmarts, no new display!  Wahhh!

Anyway, Happy Holidays.  Mine are so crazy, I think next year when things are more settled I’ll get to enjoy it more!

Oh, as I unpack my boxes of polish, I will put together a giveaway. 🙂

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