Almost a Mommy, sorry for being MIA!

It has been hard staying away from the nail polish while being pregnant. I have missed the polishes and the blogging! (Although I might have enjoyed the slowing of all the polish buying for once!)

I am due to have my baby within the week here, and although for another few months I might be too tired to get polishing and blogging again, I know that having a daughter will make it so much more fun for years to come!

She will definitely have her pick of any color she could ever want from my huge stash. 🙂

So although I might be quiet a little longer, I won’t be gone forever!!

And by the way, I always update my blog sale page and every polish not marked in red font is still up for grabs. So head to the Sale page if you want to see what’s left!

I just recently bought some of the new Formula X crazy effects polishes Sephora has released lately and can’t wait to give them a try and post swatches of them!

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