Baby Kaley is here!

I have to say I was scared to death about going into labor and giving birth… And the recovery after. Every single part of this has been SO much easier than everyone says it is!

Those of you with little ones of your own know about this magic that just happens when you hold and watch their faces for the first time… My husband and I are just a big mess of goo over this little girl!! The love is overwhelming!

Anyway, here’s Kaley Isabella! 🙂
6lb 13oz – Made of sugar and spice and everything nice!

She can take any of my nail polishes she ever wants! haha



4 thoughts on “Baby Kaley is here!

  1. Mary

    Oh wow! Such big life changes for both of us. I’ve been MIA for a bit myself and just came back. Imagine my surprise and excitement to see you’re returning and your reason for it! She’s so precious, congratulations! ❤

  2. thesmallgirl

    congrats, she looks so pretty! 🙂 and what a long hair! I wish you well and enough energy to keep up with this sweet little lady 🙂


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