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love&beauty – Pottery Class Brown

I got my package from Forever21, from the day where every penny we spent went to help Japan. I figured it was a good enough reason to finally try their nail polishes!

After I ordered, I went looking to see if they were big 3 free. I guess the company that makes them is LA Colors, and they are formaldehyde and tuolene free, so I think I’m good!

This one is Pottery Class Brown, a brown creme with a little bit of silver shimmer:


The next day I had some time, so I wanted to try one of my new Konad plates. I stamped this on with China Glaze Delight.

I have more of their polishes to swatch. Isn’t that bottle cute?

New plates! Yippee!

I was already excited because I have my new Zoyas on the way from their new collection, my first haul from eyeko, some more aqmore polishes, and someone just swapped me Copper Rulez magnetic polish finally!

Then I saw this!! Bundle Monster is releasing 25 NEW PLATES! And we only have to wait about 3 more weeks! Not only will we have tons of new plates, but their all-over stamps are bigger this time, so no having to stamp twice and overlap!

I saw a couple of teaser previews on their facebook page. I am so excited already!

PEPPERMINT TIPS! Sorry about the caps, but I can’t take the excitement!

More flowers and spirals… and even if I just used the tree from that Halloween one I’d love it!

I hope they continue with the teaser previews…

I always wished they would make a stamp of a coffee cup, or coffee beans. I wish someone would! But oh am I ever going to have some cute peppermint tips!

Happy St Patrick's Day!

I started out with Femme Couture – Garland, like I planned, but using the dotting tool didn’t work out, so I just konad stamped a shamrock in white… then it was kind of too out there white, so I put a coat of China Glaze Emerald Sparkle over it so it just kind of looks lighter green! And more sparkly!

ha! What an awkward hand pose to get my thumb corner in there.

We’re going to look at an awesome reception venue tonight and hoping that we like it since it is also on the short list of places that are affordable!

Then we drink German beers! I got us 3 kinds from 3 places where we drank good beer when we were in Munich. I know its an Irish day, but I shall celebrate it like a German!

Finally found time for a french!

I always love french manicures because they look so clean. I always use the Revlon Post Trauma treatment as a base because it is the most natural healthy pink tone I’ve ever found to cover up the yellowish stain on my nails from the dark polishes I wear.

If I’m lucky and my nails aren’t stained at the time, I’ll do the method where you just paint white on the tips and use the brush with polish remover to make the smile line perfect and clean, which is SO much easier and faster.

Most of the time I’m not so lucky and have to do this method… I’ll do my base coat of Nail Tek hydrating 3 or Citra 3, then the Revlon Post Trauma for the pink. I let it dry for a while or I use the Color Club Vivid Top coat which is fast drying hard top that is much thinner than Seche Vite. Then I use those sticky nail guides on top of the pink to make the white tip.

Those are the only two methods that work for me personally!

This time I stamped the little vine with Konad Black Pearl and used the dotting tool to make that berry glittery dot with LA Splash Glitz & Berry, which is SUCH an awesome glitter polish! 🙂



Everyone kind of has different french manicure methods, so tell me yours! Some people freak out about putting those sticker guides over the pink polish, but as long as you let it dry completely or use a fast drying hard plasticy coat like Seche Vite or Vivid, it really never causes a problem! I just don’t like using the Seche Vite in the middle layers because its so thick and I don’t like thick blobby nails at the end… I prefer to put the Seche Vite on last just to protect the stamped design and dot!

Some people like to make the white tip with the brush and then fill in the bottom with pink. I do NOT know how to do that. haha! I can’t just fill in the bottom with pink and not get it on the white or make it look weird, so I gave up that idea.

China Glaze – Delight

THIS is my most favorite polish of all time. It actually always has been since I found it. I just love how its so rich and metallic and kind of brown and mauve at the same time. I also love that it stamps perfectly with konad, but this time I used it straight so I can swatch its awesomeness!


In the sun, it is awesome brownish metallic!

Later in the day, I took my dark brown Revlon Expresso and added some konad from my new XL stamping plate (Plate B) from Chez Delaney.

I ♥ you forever, Delight!

My happiest Valentine's Day!

I gave myself this ridiculously bright pink V Day konad and took this picture:

I used China Glaze Sneakerhead, added white konad hearts, and then covered it with this stuff, which is pretty clear with bright pink sparkly shimmer…


Then last night after dinner, my boyfriend and I went to walk at the beach and now I’m engaged!!!

I have to take pictures with my actual engagement ring soon, but right now we are having issues and it is at the jeweler’s so I only have a picture with my wedding band now! Its floral and has like 3 leaves, each with a little diamond, and then a dot repeated, I love it so much.

I know I’m not supposed to wear the wedding band until the wedding, but I’m so excited that I have to wear something on that finger until I get my engagement one back! haha!

Hard Candy Konad

With all of the Riva hype, I had to get the dupe! I actually have not worn blue nail polish in years but I love this color!!

Since I’m not used to seeing it on myself, I figured a konad in brown would help me ease into the baby blue.

The image plate is a bundle monster plate and I used my new Revlon Expresso since I love the brown color with the silver micro glitter it has!

Should I get the Chanel Riva afterall? I think now I just have to.

How can you be in a bad mood with nails this bubbly?

I love pink and gray together, so I was really wanting to find a chance to do a konad with those colors. Nah, I’m not too old for this. (Right!? :/)

Its Zoya Lo with China Glaze Awaken…

Not so exciting in the shade, but still kind-of fun to look at?

I’m so bad, I’m always admiring my nail polish while I drive because its the only time the sun hits it. haha!! Oooh, it matches my bubble ring. 😀