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Orly – Worth Millions is the best yellow ever!

Thank you, Orly, for making the perfect yellow!

Bright with no gold or bronze tones to it! 🙂

Orly – Worth Millions

I think this is my holy grail yellow which I never could quite get right when I’d try different ones.

It’s like a neon version of a perfect pastel yellow without gold in it!

Look how it seems to glow in the dark car or the park at dusk 🙂

My sweetie pie’s first manicure!

Kaley loves playing with all my nail polish bottles and I have been doing her toes for a long time. I usually do them while she is napping and she just wakes up with painted toenails!

I think she got so into it that she decided she could even sit still and be patient while waiting for it to dry. So I did her toes and her nails today for the first time.

She picked s-he stylezone 427, a pink holo! 🙂

Baby Kaley is here!

I have to say I was scared to death about going into labor and giving birth… And the recovery after. Every single part of this has been SO much easier than everyone says it is!

Those of you with little ones of your own know about this magic that just happens when you hold and watch their faces for the first time… My husband and I are just a big mess of goo over this little girl!! The love is overwhelming!

Anyway, here’s Kaley Isabella! 🙂
6lb 13oz – Made of sugar and spice and everything nice!

She can take any of my nail polishes she ever wants! haha



Zoya – Louise + Catrice – Have An Ice Day

I recently got Louise and wow, it is just like painting your nails with dark chocolate. It literally looks edible!
(forgive the dry cuticles, ugh!)

Then the lovely Gemma sent me Have An Ice Day from her stash and I had to wear it immediately over Louise! Its a really fine-particle holo top coat. Kind of makes whatever color you wear under it look like it just came as a holo polish!

I might as well share the news now that I’m half way through this… I’m pregnant! 20 weeks now, and I get to find out if its a boy or a girl on Wednesday. 🙂 That’s why I’ve been painting my nails less… not supposed to breathe the fumes and all. I feel pretty safe with Zoya though.