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Happy 2013 Giveaway! Featuring Lynnderella’s Snow Angel!

Happy 2013 Giveaway - With a brand new Lynnderella - Snow Angel

I know everyone wants Lynnderella’s Snow Angel, and even if you already have it, they are selling for a ton on eBay! So I thought it’d be exciting to feature that in my giveaway, since I have a brand new, unswatched, big round bottle of it!

I want to pick 3 winners again. So I’ll ask you what your favorite items are from these, and the grand prize winner will get 4, including Snow Angel! The 2nd place winner will get another 4 polishes, and the 3rd will get 3. Every time I’ve done it this way, I’ve been able to give everyone some polishes that they wanted most, so it was pretty fun!

Here is the list of the polishes in the giveaway! Click if you’d like to see google images swatches for each.

To enter, you can do one of two things, or both for an extra entry!

1. Use the giveaway picture and post/blog about this somewhere, put the URL to your post into the form.
Picture to use -> http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8222/8346691467_0d150cc61a.jpg
Link to the giveaway to use -> http://happy2013giveaway.shimmerspark.com

2. Become a facebook friend!
Here I am -> http://www.facebook.com/shimmerspark
(Just put your facebook name into the form, even if you were already my facebook friend.

I will pick the winners randomly, on February 10th!

If you don’t see the form load below this line, click here to go to the original post so that it will load for you


Rose/Mauve Polishes

I was wanting to find a nice rosey mauve color, so I tried Essie Angora Cardi and OPI Japanese Rose Garden. They’re pretty different but I actually like them both! They are both keepers, and I think this is the first Essie polish that actually looks good on me. (Although I still don’t like the way it applies… darn Essie!)

Essie Angora Cardi

OPI Japanese Rose Garden

I want to try the Eyeko Tea Rose or China Glaze Fifth Avenue sometime.

Brown and Mauve colors look the best on me with my super light skin and dark roots/eyebrows. (Even though most of my hair is dyed blonde! ha!)

My favorite nail polish of all time is China Glaze Delight because its like mauve and brown in different lights! 😀