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My nails are missing out on the Holidays!

As soon as I think I’m ready to try some new polish, I unpack some more and break another nail, then file them all down again.

So I still have naked nails and my blog hasn’t had anything worth posting about.  *sniffle*

Our move was such a huge one that I think I’ll be unpacking, organizing, replacing and cleaning for weeks.  I might as well at least post a cute set I saw come out for the Holidays!

Anna Sui’s bottles are always so cute, but these really blew the other bottle styles away.  I guess the easiest place to get them is -> here, on the Urban Outfitters site?

I wonder if they still smell like roses?

I still have had NO luck finding the Pure Ice – Pardon My French!  I went to our brand new fully stocked Walmart, and found no new display with those in it.  I went to a few other Walmarts, no new display!  Wahhh!

Anyway, Happy Holidays.  Mine are so crazy, I think next year when things are more settled I’ll get to enjoy it more!

Oh, as I unpack my boxes of polish, I will put together a giveaway. 🙂


Anna Sui Polishes

I really only bought these because I had to have the bottles… aren’t those so precious!?

Then I was surprised by the polish! I didn’t know this was one of the features but it smells like roses!!! It smells so good!

This one is called Snow (or 013). It is a sheer, shimmery white with some flashes of red and I think I notice a little flash of blue too?

Even the top of the bottle looks like a rose!

This is the 2nd one I got. It is called Sky (or 107). It is blue with glitter and large square chunks of silver glitter too!

You can get these online at Urban Outfitters or of course you can search on ebay or for a swap!