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Zoya – Marcella (and a blog award!)

This color is really pretty and unique… it is like a burnt rose color with hot pink hidden shimmer! I had ordered the color spoon before buying this from Zoya, and it leaves me wishing the shimmer stood out more.

You can’t really see the shimmer, although the color is still unlike others that I have.

Look at the bottle though, I wish so badly that the shimmer would show on the nail like this:

Also, I am so excited to say that Moondancer Jen from http://moondancerjen.blogspot.com gave me this Liebster blog award! You guys are such a nice and generous community that I’m so glad to be part of!

The Liebster Award is designed to bring well deserved additional recognition to those bloggers with less than 300 followers. You just pass it on to 3 more that you feel best fit that description!

So here are the 3 blogs I would like to give this to!

1. Dorian at http://www.doridavis.com
2. Olivia at http://varnishme.blogspot.com
3. http://solensdanserinde.blogspot.com


My lucky weekend!

Not only did I find my wedding dress, I won two blog awards!!

First, Olivia gave me this one! Click her name to see her blog, I love it and have followed it ever since I started mine.

The rules are:
Write 10 facts about yourself
Pass the award to 10 bloggers and let them know

I won’t say anything that’s already on my me page, I’d feel like I was cheating!
1. I go sailing with my Dad all the time in the warmer months… we learned how to sail together and now we charter boats ourselves! He does all the motor/enginey stuff though so I don’t really sail alone unless its a Lido or a Hobie Cat!
2. New Orleans is my favorite place in the world… the french quarter mainly, but I also love Oak Alley and all of those beautiful charming plantation homes.
3. I’m an infrared photographer, for fun. Its cooler than it sounds, look! → youreyesdeceiveyou.com
4. I am so obsessed with the UK’s Big Brother. Like seriously. I died when the finale happened and it was like a Davina funeral and I was like what am I going to do without this every winter and summer!? THEN I just heard last week that it is coming back! Another channel wants it and Davina won’t be there most likely, but the show is coming back! I wish the US one wasn’t so lame, the UK one is a real psychological experiment type of thing, they are evil.. and its entertaining! I actually liked the Australia one even more because BB was even more mean and evil, but that one is long gone.
5. I love James Taylor… sooo much that I’ve seen him almost every time he has come around on tour, unless it was a tour along with someone else. I always feel like the youngest person there, but I just LOVE him so much. No one else writes songs like he does, and that voice… and the steel string strumming… don’t know what I’d do without him.
6. Oh and I love The Doors so much that when I was a teenager it was almost like it was my religion. haha! I was at the VH-1 Storytellers taping! Everyone but Jim was there, of course, so it was one of the best nights of my life and it was just free… people came in from other countries and I was like uhh, I just drove here for half an hour, sorry, I feel bad now! I only got so lucky because I had traded some of my photos for Doors stuff with the guy who ran doors.com so he remembered me when he had some tickets to hand out.
7. I hate blue pens. If I buy a pen because its cute, I change the ink stick to black!
8. I can’t stand the sound of styrofoam scraping together, it makes me run out of a room!
9. I flew all the way to South Carolina just to see the White Stripes. Its so hard to see them, so I just did what I had to do but everyone acted like I was nuts, and it felt like such a normal thing to do! haha! I don’t even know if I’ll ever get the chance again either, so I’d never regret it.
10. I play with my iphone while I’m driving way too much. Its something I really think about everyday, just that I reallly need to stop.

Okay, now the fun part is that I get to give this to 10 of my favorite blogs! Here we go! I guess I can’t give them back to the people who gave them to me, but they are some of the most awesome, so don’t miss theirs either!

I love her blog! She’s so sweet and always taking the cutest pictures of the cutest creative nail designs and her bouncy balls!! 🙂

She has to be the best at nail *art* I’ve ever seen, and she does it so often and shows every step! Look at THIS one!

She does the CUTEST things with her nail polish!!

Look at this, its my favorite post of hers because I love baby chicks… click!

Super creative!

How can you not follow this one? Updates all the time and SO creative, something different all the time!

She was instantly one of my favorites. Creative and really hilarious! Cracks me up all the time!

Creative nails and she draws such cute things! 🙂

I didn’t know if I could choose between creative and stylish, she has both and LOTS of it!

I found this one on MUA and LOVE her nail blog. If you ever catch her youtube videos, she’ll have you cracking up… her and her boyfriend (or is it fiance after the spider ring? ha!) are so funny together!


Then, Jules gave me this one! Check her blog out too, its lovely and she’s soo sweet!

I’m sure you guys don’t need to hear the 7 more things about me, so let me just get straight to the awarding! Here are the 12 most stylish! 🙂

Her blog screams stylish… all of her swatches are so perfectly lit and crisp, and I LOVE her comparisons, I consult them ALL the time!

I don’t really need to even say why with this one, do I? She’s my favorite!

Just because she hasn’t been around doesn’t mean I can even think about passing her up, she has the best swatches I’ve ever seen.

Awesome swatches, close-ups, and comparisons!

I love how she shows us what polish looks like at every angle and up so close!

I don’t know why I never can get a comment form to show up, I always want to tell her how much I love her posts and can’t! Great swatches from every angle like I said about the one just above and has the cutest animal pictures too, did you see that baby bunny!? 🙂

My favorite part is her frankens!! She does it very often! She also has a lot of other nail art, I love it all.

Another blog with really great and clear swatches and comparisons, and she’s reallly nice!

It wouldn’t take you more than a second to see why I’d have to give her a Stylish award! She’s super stylish! 🙂

Love the swatches!

Always loved her swatches, I watched her flickr account before I found her blog!

I love her swatches so much, and she always has her nails so perfect!