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Pinks with hot pink shimmer…

I saw the new Spring displays that Maybelline just put out and wanted to swatch the pinks because they both have the hot pink hidden shimmer inside! Pink Halo and Pink Glimpse.

I picked up both from these:

Then I grabbed my Zoya – Barbie and Nicole by OPI – You’re an Angel to compare them since they all have hot pink shimmer in them.

Left to right, You’re an Angel, Pink Glimpse, Pink Halo, Barbie

Since the hot pink shimmer only shows in the sun I had to get that photo in direct sun. It was still hard to show the shimmer inside of Barbie, so now I feel like I don’t like it as much… her hidden shimmer is a little too hidden.

You can see the hot pink flash the most with Pink Halo, that one is more of a sheer. Pink Glimpse is my favorite though, the bottle that I’m holding. It is a nice white and pink frost with the hot pink shimmer inside and leaves no visible nail line. It is the prettiest to me! I think I’d wear that one with the Pink Halo over it to intensify the pink flash… sounds perfect to me. 🙂

Zoya – Barbie

After I fell in love with Hard Candy Sky, I kept wishing I could find something like that in pink… a baby pastel color with the bright hidden secret shimmer. I went looking online and found that Zoya Barbie is like that! Light baby pink with a hot pink hidden shimmer!


I am so annoyed right now because it is SO hard to photograph that hot pink shimmer, but I can see it in the sun and in the bottle with my own eye.

Maybe someone else can be more successful with it? This picture just makes it seem like it is light pink shimmer, but it really isn’t, I promise! 🙂