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Add some blood to the lace…

I know I did blood spatters last year too, but I just love it… probably has to do with how much I love Dexter?


I used the 60 second Rimmell polish in Rapid Ruby and the Konad plates m13 and m21.

I have an awesome vampiress costume and no where to wear it… Halloween snuck up on me. I’ll probably watch scary movies with my fiance and eat chocolate though, which I can’t complain about of course. And his Mom gave us glow sticks. haha! I’ll be playing with those!

I’ll probably pick the giveaway winners tomorrow, so you still have all day to enter! 🙂

Lacey B&W French

I did this one yesterday before going out to meet my parents, fiance, and fiance’s family for dinner. I love how well we all get along and have fun…

I can’t believe I was able to just do a french tip on my own nails instead of having to put pink first… its because of the Illamasqua Base Coat, I swear! It has kept my nails from getting stained! Now that I’ve used it all month, the stained part has grown out to the end and my real nails look normal again. I love that base coat so very much, thank you Illamasqua!

I used Orly – White Tips, then stamped the fishnet design from the konad plate m79 and finally, the straight ribbon strip from a rectangular essence stampy plate, with Konad – Black Pearl.

One of my most favorite nail bloggers is having an OMG giveaway, you gotta go see it. She always does the coolest things with her nails too!

Shocking Pink Konad!


I wore this one for days and days, until it was just about to fall off. I loved it so much! I put it on the night we went roller skating at this old historic roller rink in LA.


So if you look at my last post, I started with the China Glaze – Shocking Pink, but then I took the Color Club – Screamin Fuschia and went over it in places so that it had a neon pink with neon reddish pink blend. I stamped over it with Konad Black Pearl.

The plate I used for this one was A10, which you can actually buy at that place in the link root, but I think I got it from TransDesign or ChezDelaney.

It isn’t summer anymore so I guess I won’t be doing neon again for a while!

Color Club – Masquerading

This color is pretty similar to Chanel’s Black Pearl, just more blue!

Here I compared it to Black Pearl with Black Pearl on index and ring fingers, and Masquerading on middle and pinky fingers…

Not the same at all, but very similar in that they are both metallic charcoals with a blue tint. Masquerading just looks more blue. (And costs a lot less!)

Chanel – Paradoxal and Black Pearl

I know you’ve probably seen tons of swatches for these… but here are some more! 😀

I had to see for myself. A lot of people were saying Paradoxal was like a taupe until the light caught the purple shimmer, and I can stand to wear purple if it is like a brownish plummy/eggplant type purple!

I think I found that it looks purple in any light though. I can kind of see how people would get the taupe idea, but it is still just too purple for me! Although, it is one of the coolest effects in a polish that I’ve seen.

When I was kind of out of direct light, with light just above me, the bottle really showed tons of shimmer:

When I got back in direct light, it caught the shimmer at certain angles still, but it looked a lot more murky, which I thought looked pretty cool because it was the more taupe-ish of the tones it has.



When Black Pearl got here, and I put it on, I was actually sad that it wasn’t more blue. It applies like silk, I LOVE the formula… but it is more of a denim-ish blue tone and I was hoping for a brighter blue tone I guess. I know, duh, it really does look just like a black pearl though!

I put it up for swap, but here are the swatches I got of it inside and outside: