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MeMeMe – Amethyst

I’ve gotten 2 MeMeMe polishes now through swaps and I love them!

This one is called Amethyst but it is a lot more like a burgundy brownish wine color, and its very shimmery!

I’ll have to try some more of these!


LA Splash – Glitz & Berry

This is one of my most favorite and most used polishes. Its so perfect for some reason! The glitter is not too chunky or too sparse, the base isn’t too clear or thick… and the price is amazingly perfect too, I must say.

They sell these glitter polishes at Ulta. You can also get these on CherryCulture.com or probably some other online shops!

I took one while I was out too!

I wore it in DC, to the award ceremony at the Air & Space Museum! It was a really formal event and I thought it would go perfectly with my black dress. 🙂

I also wore it for our Love Story video we filmed to play at our wedding reception.

China Glaze Crystal Ball over You Move Me

When I was going to visit family, I thought the brown tone looked weird with my gray shirt, so I grabbed my trusty Crystal Ball and layered it on top.

Whenever something looks a little weird, I put Crystal Ball on it, and it becomes amazing! haha

petites – galaxy

I had to try this one when I saw the bottle. This was just a swatch, so it seems a little gritty, but when I wear it, I bet it’ll be prettier with a top coat!

Its a burgundy with silver glitter. It isn’t too sheer, so it only took 2 coats to be done, I just think it needs a top coat.

(My skin looks weird because I took that next to my window and the shadow of the screen shows up. ha!)

Right now I’m wearing BB Couture – Napa Valley Red and I keep forgetting how amazingly gorgeous it is until I wear it again!

Ciate – Guest List

I can’t tell you how much I LOVE these cute little bottles! This color is really interesting… its like a brown that kind of looks black from far away but with light on it, you see some plum or some burgundy that makes it look like a raspberry chocolate bar!


I’ve been spending a lot of time being crafty and making a lot of DIY wedding stuff! May 26th will be my big day and I have lots of time to make my own personalized invitations and save the date stuff… I love collages with pictures and pieces of magazine ads, so I’m doing that. It sounds odd but I’ll post pictures when I get enough done!

I’m SO lucky and found the perfect florist today. I know nothing about flowers really so I was intimidated but when I started talking to her and telling her I wanted a vintage/Victorian type of theme, she knew exactly what to point me to for my style and tight budget… and she lives right by the church we are getting married at!

This is the type of “theme” I’m going for!

I know this isn’t a wedding blog, but most of us are girly in here so I thought I’d share my inspiration for what I’m coming up with! 🙂

OPI – Pepe's Purple Passion

Let’s see if I can do this post from my iPhone! Well, without wanting to throw it because I hate typing on this keyboard.

I’m wearing OPI – Pepe’s Purple Passion today and love it so much!

It isn’t purple, it’s my favorite dark brownish reddish burgundy color! And it has the most awesome raspberry glints inside!

Reminds me of Chanel
– Cosmic Violine but less glittery inside?

Nails for my New Orleans trip! :)

This took forever, but I love how it ended up! I wish it was sunnier so I could get a better picture, but here it is for now…


This is a layer of OPI – Black Onyx, a layer of Nicole by OPI – Nicole’s Nickel, a stripe of Black Onyx on the top corner with OPI – Sanguine on top of that black stripe, then the bow stamped with Konad white!

I also put the Shellac base coat first, then at the end I did the Shellac top coat and cured it 2x so that this will last… hopefully at least a week and a half or 2? 🙂

I love that Konad bow plate, I need to use it more often. It is m7.

(I’m adding a black with silver glitter nail art striping polish to the Halloween Giveaway, I thought it would be a good one to go with those!)