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Zoya – Burke

Hi guys! I got in a roller skating accident and sprained my wrist/hand so its hard to type with just the one hand… and I write code all day for a living so this is reaallllly going to suck. (And you can’t even clip your bra or button jeans without help, I’m so screwed!)

Anyway, so the next few might be short posts but I have tons of swatches I already got before I ate pavement! ha!

Here’s Burke! A red creme that has a unique tint to it that I can’t explain…

I also bought some of these online, have you?!

The New Bundle Monster Plates are out!! (And my Zoya Earth Day buy!)

First of all, here’s the link to buy the new Bundle Monster plates! I’m sooo excited.


I can’t wait until they get here.

Last night I went through all of the tons of color spoons that arrived yesterday from Zoya, so I could decide which ones to buy for the Earth Day promo.

These are the ones I chose to buy, click it to see the big version:
Marcella, Paige, Burke, Dakota, Joy, Aria, Mikka, Rihana, Blair, Kalista, Valerie