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Chanel – Particuliere

Can you tell I made a purchase from the online Chanel store? 🙂

I actually just wanted to buy Riva but the shipping was so high, it said I could get free shipping if I bought 4 of them, so I did.. knowing I’d get that back by either selling them on Ebay or swapping them for something else I wanted. I’m so weird like that.

Anyway, here is Particuliere! I at least got colors I wanted to check out, in case I wanted to keep them!

The others I have swatches coming up for are Black Pearl and Paradoxal. And I can’t wait to wear Riva!


Chanel – Forbidden

Sorry about the lame hand pose, I only had time to swatch two nails! haha!

I was pleasantly surprised by this one! It is like a dark chocolate brown! When I removed it, I thought I saw a reddish tone on the cotton, so it might have a bit of red in it too?


It applies really well too!

Chanel – Tulipe Noire

This was my first Chanel polish, so I was so excited! As I was putting the polish on, I noticed that it wasn’t as shimmery as it is in the bottle. I thought maybe if I added enough coats, it might be… but no such luck!

It is still a very pretty burgundy, but wasn’t unique enough for me, so off to an Ebay bidder it went!

I just bought Chanel Forbidden, so I’ll swatch that when I get it!