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Christmasy Swatches

After going through all of my posts to update links for my new server, I kept my favorite Christmasy swatches aside to put in one entry. 🙂

I might as well try the cool WordPress “Gallery in a post” feature!

RGB – Crimson with Snowflakes!

Merry Christmas!! 🙂

Here is RGB – Crimson with snowflakes stamped in Konad white. The plates were m59 and T37.

I hate these awkward ones where I try to get my thumb in too. haha!

The polish is such a dream! Its the perfect dark red that still looks really red and its a jelly!!

Revlon – Crushed Crimson

This one was swapped to me and I was really pleasantly surprised! Its a color I somehow don’t have yet… it is brownish reddish with light pearly shimmer, and its a lighter shade than my others like this. I really love it!

I love when I get a random keeper that I wasn’t even looking for.

OPI – Chick Flick Cherry and From A to Zurich

When I was at Ulta yesterday, I saw these two red cremes and was in the mood for trying them!

From A to Zurich is a little more of a rosey red creme and Chick Flick Cherry is a little more of a crimson red creme. I actually thought they’d differ from each other more that they did. They were so similar, but I still couldn’t decide to give one up because they are both so great!

From A to Zurich:

Chick Flick Cherry:

They looked so similar that I put them side by side, so you can see that there’s just that very subtle difference of more crimson vs. more rosey. (The bottle is From A to Zurich.)

I’m usually not as into cremes, so these are my first red cremes!