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Misa – Blush Hour & OPI – I Juggle Men

Sorry about the lighting on these but I was rushed and wanted to capture them before I killed it with polish remover!

I started with Blush Hour, which is a really opaque and creamy light pink. Its almost like white with a little bit of strawberry milk mixed in. This one applied SO much more heavenly than my other super opaque pastels. This is only 2 coats!


Then after it dried, I put 2 layers of I Juggle Men on top. I LOVE this new polish from their Femme De Cirque set. Their pictures never really showed off what lies inside of the sheer clear aspect of it…

Look at this prettiness!!

The pink and blue shimmer is something you can see in the light or in the shade, so you can stare at it all day whether you’re inside or out.

I’m so bad, I actually bought two of the I Juggle Men. Just because I thought it would sell out quickly and I love it so much!