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love&beauty – Pottery Class Brown

I got my package from Forever21, from the day where every penny we spent went to help Japan. I figured it was a good enough reason to finally try their nail polishes!

After I ordered, I went looking to see if they were big 3 free. I guess the company that makes them is LA Colors, and they are formaldehyde and tuolene free, so I think I’m good!

This one is Pottery Class Brown, a brown creme with a little bit of silver shimmer:


The next day I had some time, so I wanted to try one of my new Konad plates. I stamped this on with China Glaze Delight.

I have more of their polishes to swatch. Isn’t that bottle cute?

China Glaze – Delight

THIS is my most favorite polish of all time. It actually always has been since I found it. I just love how its so rich and metallic and kind of brown and mauve at the same time. I also love that it stamps perfectly with konad, but this time I used it straight so I can swatch its awesomeness!


In the sun, it is awesome brownish metallic!

Later in the day, I took my dark brown Revlon Expresso and added some konad from my new XL stamping plate (Plate B) from Chez Delaney.

I ♥ you forever, Delight!