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Spring Giveaway Winners and Wedding Dress Pictures!

First, let’s get to the winners, since I’ve made you wait long enough!

Winner #1 – Patricia
She will get 4 that she listed as her favorite picks and the awesome blue glow polish!

Winner #2 – Eugenia
She will get 3 that she listed as her favorite picks!

Winner #3 – Melita
She will get 2 from her favorite picks and 1 from the favorite picks of the other winners that I hope she will love. 🙂

Go ahead and send me your address, girls! I have these ready to send out, so you will get them pretty quickly. Sorry again for the delay, can’t say that enough…

Melita asked to see a picture of me in my whole wedding dress, and I was like yay, I thought you would never ask! haha

It felt so huge and heavy but it was a gorgeous dress that I fell in love with the first day I went looking. And I had a corset back put in!

Somehow, when it was time for our dance, we didn’t have much trouble with the huge dress and were able to still do this…

The one of me with my bridesmaids kind of shows off the top beading more… and by the way, I’m so lucky to have best friends like these!

What a happy post this was! hee hee