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Happy Easter! And some pastel blue comparisons…

Here is Eyeko – Pastel Polish!

The bottle shows a lot of hidden shimmer like Hard Candy – Sky, so they are very similar but I think Sky has more white in the base. They are both really pretty though!

I compared it with 2 other pastel blues I’ve gotten recently.
From left to right, Eyeko – Pastel, Color Club – Take Me To Your Chateau, love & beauty – Pearlescent Aqua, Eyeko – Pastel

The bottle in that one is love & beauty – Pearlescent Aqua from forever 21. That one has a lot of shimmer and is more sheer than the others.

Color Club’s Take Me To Your Chateau is SO opaque! It looked like that after ONE coat! No streaks, no bald spots, no cloudiness, just completely opaque. I felt like I was brushing on acrylic paint. Its a must-have!

Oh, and here are the cupcakes I made for Easter! 🙂

I was going to do American Apparel Butter with some black chickys stamped from the Konad plate with the chick, sheep, etc. but I totally ran out of time since I had to make so many cupcakes, so I’m wearing Butter London – Teddy Girl again. I love it so much!

4 Spring Peaches!

There are only 18 entries in my Spring Giveaway guys, so your chances are really good. Just FYI!

Illamasqua Purity was my first peach polish, and I loved it, so I wanted to do a little comparison of the others I picked up recently!

Here is American Apparel’s Summer Peach. I think pale Peach is much more springy than summery…

I compared it here with Illamasqua Purity. You can see how Purity is more glossy and a little darker of a shade. Both are very pretty!

Then I added another two so I could compare them all side-by-side. The two I added are Rescue Beauty Lounge’s Lulu and a new one that forever21.com had, which was Feminine Wiles by love & beauty. (Their polishes don’t really have names on the bottles so I labeled it as love & beauty’s peach but when I went through to find my old invoice, I saw that on the site, it is named Feminine Wiles. They describe it as baby pink but to me its pretty peachy!?)

Oh, and don’t miss out on Zoya’s Earth Day promo! It is SUCH a good deal! My color spoons should get here by tonight so I’ll be filling my cart before I go to bed. 🙂

Details here!!

Butter London – Teddy Girl

I LOVE this baby pink! Its one of my new favorites now for sure. Its the only Butter London I own because the other colors I tried just didn’t really work for me.

Love the application and love the pretty color. Its more glossy than my other pastel pinks but its so opaque that it works for this color. This is just 2 coats with no problems at all…

It looks yummy enough to drink! (I won’t try though.)

American Apparel – Butter

If this color doesn’t say Easter and baby chicks, then what does!? 🙂

This is the prettiest pastel yellow color I’ve found. I don’t like yellow nail polishes at all, but this one is so cute and pretty, I had to have it! I bought a 2nd one to give to you in my Easter Giveaway too, of course!

Its a really opaque pastel and only takes a coat or two!

I want to show you the difference between this and China Glaze – Lemon Fizz, because I used to think that Lemon Fizz was a cute baby chick yellow until I found Butter.

It depends on how bright you want your yellow I guess, but I prefer the pastel shade of Butter. I hope whoever wins the giveaway likes it as much as I do!

Hello Kitty – Bubble Gum

Oops, I almost went the first day of the week without posting a pastel Eastery color like I said I would. I’m in California so its 10pm and I technically made it. 😉

This is one of the Hello Kitty Sephora polishes. I had the mint green one and had to just get the pink one afterall. I’m not even into Hello Kitty and I just have to have them because they’re so cute! (If they had puppy shaped bottles of nail polish, I’d probably buy all of them… Or llama shaped bottles!)

I actually really liked the application of this one too! This picture shows off the cuteness of the bottle the most…



It is almost as blue toned of a pink as China Glaze – Something Sweet, so if you’re a fan of those kinds of pinks, don’t you have to have it in this cute of a bottle?

I’m almost wanting to buy that perfume bottle and decant my favorite perfume in it, because have you seen how cute that bottle is with the vintage puff thingy and everything!?

A little bit of news…

Peeps make me happy and I LOVE this time of year when you see them everywhere!

Anyway, onto the news!

-First of all, you should go and vote in this Rescue Beauty Lounge contest to bring back a discontinued color! I voted for Anne, I hope I’ll finally get to try that one out myself!

Voting and swatches are here:

-ManGlaze just came out with a pink one called Fuck Off & Dye! Guess that’s one we can’t ask our parents to get us for a present… even at my age, I still won’t say that around my parents, even though I curse like a sailor around my friends and even worse at home alone. haha!

Check it out here:

-I’m impatiently waiting to hear about Zoya’s Earth Day event since last year’s was a good one. Let’s keep an eye on their Facebook page! I hate when I miss things because I forgot to keep checking on it.

-Sephora’s 15% off week starts today for Beauty Insiders! I went yesterday but its open to all with coupon code BICHIC. You don’t have to use it just once, you can use it all throughout the week! (VIBCHIC works too.)

-Ozotic Pro just release the new Ozotic Elytra polishes. They are 3 glittery multichromes. Check them out!

528, 529, and 530

(The store that uses those swatches as their cart logos credits youvegotnail.com for those, so I found more swatches on this blog post.)

Spring Giveaway!!

Yay, its finally time! I am excited that I got to put together some Easter & Spring colored polishes of all different brands, and some other stuff too.

I think this is the most fun way to thank you guys for following my blog! As always, you can enter no matter where you are in the world.

Here is what you can win if you enter by April 25th!

OPI – Dutch Tulips

Eyeko – Lilac Polish

Nubar – Pink Shimmer

American Apparel – Butter
(the most perfect pastel yellow I’ve ever found!)

Diamond Cosmetics – Cotton Candy
(pretty shimmery pink)

Bundle Monster Stamping Plate – BM08
(new, with protective layer still on, so remember to remove it!)

Sally Hansen HD – Hi Def
(Easter grass green!)

e.l.f. Candy Shop Lip Gloss – Candy Fix
(still sealed of course!)

GOSH – Extreme Art Eye Liner – 22
(a new and sealed glittery eye liner in a nice Easter grass green sparkle!)

OPI Avojuice – Jasmine Juicie

Small pot of Dust Bunny!!
This is my most favorite eye shadow right now… overallbeauty.com‘s grayish mineral powder shadow with TONS of micro sparkles that catch your eye in pink, blue, green and purple.

I’ll also add a good SPF moisturizer sample, mini nail files, and the full Misa color chart with the latest collections as well as their full line!


Here’s how to enter!

Enter your Google Follower Name, email, and current favorite nail polish (I’ll look up swatches!) by the morning of April 25th.

+1 additional entry: Enter the link to where you posted my giveaway picture and a link to this entry! It could be your blog, your sidebar, or your website… just paste your link so I can see it and check out your site!
(URLs to use for the picture and link are http://i1090.photobucket.com/albums/i378/hollycoffeebean/springgiveaway.jpg and http://shimmerspark.com/posts/spring-giveaway/ )

Good luck and Happy Spring! 🙂