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Christmasy Swatches

After going through all of my posts to update links for my new server, I kept my favorite Christmasy swatches aside to put in one entry. 🙂

I might as well try the cool WordPress “Gallery in a post” feature!

Happy Valentine's Day! (And Elle's Spell over Black)

I am actually wearing China Glaze – Long Kiss right now because after my shower I want to do a nail foil! I got the red one with the O’s, and its my first time trying foils. All of the tutorials said that it doesn’t last long so I will have to do it on my lunch break or after work.

For now, here’s a swatch I took a week or so ago of Elle’s Spell over black. My regular well-lit swatch didn’t really show how pretty the red firey flakies are, so I had to go with a shadier swatch.

I never did get the Nfu Oh version of this, I had the blacker based one and didn’t like it as much, this redder-based mix is so awesome!

I also got Max Factor – Fantasy Fire! The Unicorn Pee dupe! My amazingly fun, generous, and awesome friend Jill in Europe just grabbed one for me while she was getting me a few of the essence Vampire Love polishes and surprised me with it! I can NOT wait to swatch that one. I might have to make a video like I’ve been wanting to do lately…

Oh, I said I’d post the new OPI and Zoya purples comparison though, didn’t I? Okay, that will come next. Unless I post my V Day foils first, then it’ll be right after that. 😉

Sephora by OPI – 212

I don’t know why I waited so long to post about this one! The awesome Ms. Gemma (greencurry on MUA!) swapped this one to me for my maybe fake My Private Jet since they were kind of similar!

Its like the greenish version of it but with some flakies in the mix. Not quite green but that Wagon Trail/Seriously Hip kind of brownish green!


Merry Midnight over Goin My Way!

This turned out SO cool! I layered 2 coats of OPI – Merry Midnight over 2 coats of China Glaze – Goin My Way.

I like how the brown underneath counteracts how bluish Merry Midnight can be.


Out of direct light you can see more of the flakies.


I usually walk around in vampy polishes but V Day time is a good excuse to try out some of the polishes I think are so gorgeous that I’m not used to!

I’ve been dying to try my Nfu Oh 48 over something, and I’ve recently picked up this unknown pink OPI (I don’t know which it is but its my favorite pink ever so I wish I knew!) and this Scented Revlon Raspberry Rapture!

I tried both…

I think it looks better over the Raspberry Rapture since it shows less of the green flakies, so I’m going with this!

This is the Raspberry Rapture by itself, I love it! It is really close to China Glaze Sneakerhead which I also have and love, it just isn’t as fluorescent I guess. And yes it smells so good! Yum!

The final manicure!

Those damn Nfu Oh bottles are the most badass bottles on the planet btw.

I’ll definitely do a V Day konad in a few days, I just didn’t have time today because I’m off to my boyfriend’s parents house for a BBQ. (I’m so sorry if you live in other states, I know you can’t just go out in the sun and have a BBQ right now, but its so hot here. haha!)