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Add some blood to the lace…

I know I did blood spatters last year too, but I just love it… probably has to do with how much I love Dexter?


I used the 60 second Rimmell polish in Rapid Ruby and the Konad plates m13 and m21.

I have an awesome vampiress costume and no where to wear it… Halloween snuck up on me. I’ll probably watch scary movies with my fiance and eat chocolate though, which I can’t complain about of course. And his Mom gave us glow sticks. haha! I’ll be playing with those!

I’ll probably pick the giveaway winners tomorrow, so you still have all day to enter! 🙂

Lacey B&W French

I did this one yesterday before going out to meet my parents, fiance, and fiance’s family for dinner. I love how well we all get along and have fun…

I can’t believe I was able to just do a french tip on my own nails instead of having to put pink first… its because of the Illamasqua Base Coat, I swear! It has kept my nails from getting stained! Now that I’ve used it all month, the stained part has grown out to the end and my real nails look normal again. I love that base coat so very much, thank you Illamasqua!

I used Orly – White Tips, then stamped the fishnet design from the konad plate m79 and finally, the straight ribbon strip from a rectangular essence stampy plate, with Konad – Black Pearl.

One of my most favorite nail bloggers is having an OMG giveaway, you gotta go see it. She always does the coolest things with her nails too!

Mother's Day french tips

I wanted to do a french manicure and stamp some pink flowers on. I actually tested a lot of different hot pinks over white, and I’ll upload photos of my experimenting later, but I went with a mix of Konad Psyche Pink and Color Club Screamin Fucshia!

I also put little dots of silver inside the tiny little flowers. The flowers were from Essence stampy plate… hmm it doesn’t have a number, but its a mini rectangle plate!

These pictures were actually taken 3 days later, and it doesn’t look very worn, so I think I found a good combo for my tips!

I just did Orly Anchor, then Orly Bonder, then Orly White Tips. I cleaned the line up with the brush and just put clear Color Club Vivid Top Coat on.

That’s the longest I’ve had it last with no worn out tips!

Finally found time for a french!

I always love french manicures because they look so clean. I always use the Revlon Post Trauma treatment as a base because it is the most natural healthy pink tone I’ve ever found to cover up the yellowish stain on my nails from the dark polishes I wear.

If I’m lucky and my nails aren’t stained at the time, I’ll do the method where you just paint white on the tips and use the brush with polish remover to make the smile line perfect and clean, which is SO much easier and faster.

Most of the time I’m not so lucky and have to do this method… I’ll do my base coat of Nail Tek hydrating 3 or Citra 3, then the Revlon Post Trauma for the pink. I let it dry for a while or I use the Color Club Vivid Top coat which is fast drying hard top that is much thinner than Seche Vite. Then I use those sticky nail guides on top of the pink to make the white tip.

Those are the only two methods that work for me personally!

This time I stamped the little vine with Konad Black Pearl and used the dotting tool to make that berry glittery dot with LA Splash Glitz & Berry, which is SUCH an awesome glitter polish! 🙂



Everyone kind of has different french manicure methods, so tell me yours! Some people freak out about putting those sticker guides over the pink polish, but as long as you let it dry completely or use a fast drying hard plasticy coat like Seche Vite or Vivid, it really never causes a problem! I just don’t like using the Seche Vite in the middle layers because its so thick and I don’t like thick blobby nails at the end… I prefer to put the Seche Vite on last just to protect the stamped design and dot!

Some people like to make the white tip with the brush and then fill in the bottom with pink. I do NOT know how to do that. haha! I can’t just fill in the bottom with pink and not get it on the white or make it look weird, so I gave up that idea.