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Tuff Scent – Inner Strength

Ahhhhh I love this brand! I must gush for a minute… they have gorgeous bottles, awesome polish, they smell SO good, they sell their polish on their site, they ship fast, they wrap every bottle with more bubble wrap than I’ve ever seen used, and their representatives (Sylvie was the one I talked to a few times) are so SO generous and concerned with how happy you are.

You can buy them here -> http://tuffscent.com/

My next post will actually be a giveaway post for some of these. I wanted to do 3 bottles but have 2 winners (top prize is 2, next prize is 1), so I can show at least 2 of you how cool these are!

Okay onto my favorite one from my first order… Inner Strength! The scent is Almond and it has a perfect sweet almond oil smell like that CND Solar Oil has, only more cookie-like if that makes sense. I wish they made a perfume like this, I’d wear it every day. YUM.

I love dark taupe polishes and this one is unique compared to my others because its glossy! It has a jelly-ish look with one coat but not thick enough to be a jelly… then after another coat its just a nice glossy finish that I don’t have with my other taupes.

More swatches to come, but its time to go make my giveaway post. 😀