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China Glaze – Crystal Ball, Sugar Plums, and Riveter Rouge

I wanted to compare my burgundy w glitter dust China Glaze polishes.

Left to right: Crystal Ball, Sugar Plums, Riveter Rouge

Crystal Ball is a little more sheer than Sugar Plums, both have holo glitter dust
Riveter Rouge has a gold glitter dust

All of them are so amazing, I just love all of them. 🙂


Zoya – Astra & Gloria

These are both a little similar to Reva except it is a lot more of a pinkish tone. Astra is bigger chunks of sparkly glitter and Gloria is finer.

I like both of them and thought they were both keepers!

Zoya – Reva

I thought I was going to end up liking this the least of their new summer collection, but I actually like it the most!

It looks red in the bottle but on the nail, it looks like a really pretty raspberry color with tons of gold sparkle. I imagine if I had 3 or 4 coats, it would look red, but with just 2 coats, it was beautiful and showed off the pinker tones in the base.

It was even more berry-ish in direct sun!

I thought I’d love Faye and swap Reva, but I’m doing the opposite!

Zoya – Faye and Kate

I was so excited this weekend when my Zoya package arrived on the same day as my first package from Eyeko!

I’ll be swatching all of these, but first I’ll start with Faye and Kate.

Faye is from Zoya’s Sunshine Polish Collection. From that collection, I got this one along with Reva. Both colors surprised me quite a bit. Faye was a lot lighter on the nail than I thought, but only because it is SO full of gold sparkle, its crazy. They really named this collection properly because it is full of bright sunshiney sparkle.

Kate isn’t one of the new ones, I was just in the mood to buy vintage-ish rose creams, and Kate is the one I wore today. I love it! Its almost like the Orly Pink Chocolate polish. 🙂

Zoya – Anastasia

Last night my power went off so long that my backup power for my server even went out. Sorry my site was down temporarily!

Anyway, onto Anastasia! This one was very sparkly and many colors mixed together, kind of like their new Faye polish (swatch for that will come soon!), but this one was much richer and darker!

This is only 2 coats and you can see a lot of dark rich burgundy with the gold super-sparkly micro glitter.

It pops even more in the sun!

Not sure why I didn’t get this one long ago, I love it!

China Glaze – Strawberry Fields

This one was swapped to me, and I thought it was so pretty! I don’t think its for me and my skin tone, but it really is pretty.

It is a bright darker shade of pink with tons of gold glass flecks in it.

I know that is a popular one, let’s see how fast I can swap it!